Dr. Stephen Bass and Dr. Ellen Hall of Plano, TX talk about how you address uneven and gummy smile lines.

How Do You Address Uneven and Gummy Smile Lines?

Oftentimes, when a patient has uneven gums or an excess of smile display, this is addressed with a procedure called a cosmetic crown lengthening. In this procedure, the gum and/or bone that surrounds the teeth are contoured via a surgical procedure in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing, proportional tooth size, as well as to reduce the excessive gum display. This is a very effective technique used to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

One of my favorite surgeries to do is a cosmetic crown lengthening surgery. This is done on a patient that may have a gummy smile or who has had orthodontic treatment, and the gum tissues have overgrown the two surfaces. A laser can be used to trim back the gum tissue, exposing the natural tooth structure, and this brightens and whitens the smile, showing the natural teeth and natural beauty of your smile.