What Sedation Options Do You Offer? by Plano, TX dentists Dr. Stephen Bass and Dr. Ellen Hall

What Sedation Options Do You Offer?

In our office, you have two doctors that care about you. We want you to be as comfortable as possible for your treatment. We are happy to offer different types of sedation in our office. One form of sedation is using nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The advantage of nitrous oxide is that you can drive to and from the dental appointment. Another type of sedation is what we call oral sedation, where you take a sleeping pill, and you would need a driver to drive you here to our office and drive you home.

The final form of sedation that you may choose to use is the use of an in office anesthesiologist. In this situation, an anesthesiologist is brought in to allow us to get you to the highest level of sedation available. This is oftentimes used in patients who have severe medically compromised conditions, patients who have extreme anxiety that must be controlled with a much, much deeper level of sedation, and/or in young children. Regardless of your level of anxiety, we are more than happy to discuss with you which level of sedation will make you feel the most comfortable during your procedure.