What is Crown Lengthening Surgery? by Plano, TX dentists Dr. Stephen Bass and Dr. Ellen Hall

What is Crown Lengthening Surgery?

A crown lengthening procedure is often performed or indicated when there is inadequate tooth structure above the gum line in order to engage a crown or a successful restoration. This often occurs or is needed when an individual has either broken or fractured a tooth at or below the gum line or decay has extended beyond the gum line margin.

Crown lengthening surgery involves removal of bone and/or tissue around the tooth surface to expose either the chip or fracture or cavity around the tooth. This allows a solid tooth base that your dentist could now do a filling or crown on that tooth structure. There also needs to be a buffer zone between where that crown or filling ends and where the bone begins. If this buffer zone is not there, then that will result in redness, bleeding, or swelling of the gum tissue.

This procedure can further enhance the ability to keep a crown or restoration clean and enhance long-term outcome.